Laser Inscription
GIE’s unique product is its laser inscription. Using laser technology, GIE can inscribe the unique certificate number directly on the diamond.

The inscription is made on the diamond’s girdle and is visible under 10x magnification. The laser inscription does not damage the diamond, or change its grading in any way.

Laser inscription is the safest and best way to identify your diamond.

The advantages of laser inscription:
Laser inscription on a diamond gives it a unique identity, that way you can always recognize your diamond.

1 – you have the ability to identify your diamond at any time, it is always safe and protected.
2 – There is no worry when you give it for setting or repair, you can always be sure you are getting back Your diamond.
3 – Identity helps you to insure your diamond and at a lower price- the insurance companies appreciate the added security measure that the laser inscription provides.
4 – If the diamond’s certificate is lost you can make a new copy of it, without grading the diamond again, based on the number inscribed on the diamond’s girdle.