About GIE
GIE was founded in the United States in 1999 as a non-profit organisation.

In 2004 our laboratories and main offices were relocated to a super modern facility located in Nicosia, Cyprus.

GIE supports the Kimberley Process since its launch in May 2000.

The Kimberley Process is a joint government, international diamond industry and civil society initiative aimed to stem the flow of conflict diamonds – rough diamonds used by rebel movements to finance wars against legitimate governments.

GIE provides assurance to consumers that proceeds from the diamonds they purchase have not contributed to violent conflicts or human rights abuse in their countries of origin.

GIE supports humanitarian organisations aimed to help people affected by terror that was funded by “Conflict Diamonds” and aspires to make the world a safer place.

GIE holds a full disclosure policy, in order to protect both customers and end-users. This policy assures that all treatments given to a natural diamond in order to bring out its beauty, (such as: high-pressure & high-temperature treatments, laser drilling, etc.), are reflected in the GIE report.